About the Logo

In Tla’amin “Qoqoq” translates to “White Owl”.

Elsie Paul, a Tla’amin Elder shares her history where there was a healer who was helping a man who was not well.  The man had lost his spirit from grieving the loss of his son and without recovering it he would soon die.  After proper preparations were carried out it was Qoqoq, the White Owl, acting as a messenger between the spirit world and the living world, who brought back the grieving man’s spirit which returned to him his energy and his life.
Qoqoq Consulting Ltd. honor/holds the spirit of the White Owl in this way:

The medicine of Qoqoq is about opening our eyes. To see beyond the ordinary. To find a path through the darkness of confusion, misunderstanding, and shadows. It is about wisdom, intuitive knowledge, and being able to see with clarity beyond fear and illusion.